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I have included "The Library" as a key section of this website for two reasons.  Firstly, I wanted to share the resources and information which helped me wake up to, what I believe could be, the real nature of the world.  I make no representations such that it is all true or indeed superior to any other resource out there.  It is simply what I used and still use.  You should feel free to disagree, and if you are so moved, tell me why and suggest some alternatives, and I can add them to this section.


The second reason was to provide an emergency wake-up kit for anyone who has woken up with a bump and would like to try and answer the question "What the hell has been going on in this world?"  For those experiencing that I have provided a stripped-down section that you can get through at a fair clip.


I read, listen, watch and consume everything and anything and plug in my findings to an approximation of a worldview that is always subject to change.  If I may make a humble suggestion, it is that you should take nothing as gospel, give your trust sparingly, and always rely on your own powers of critical thinking. 


You are in charge.  I do not lay claim to original truth or thought.  I am on the same road as you.



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