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The Pharma Industrial Complex

Pseudopandemic: New Normal Technocracy - Iain Davis


I found this book chilling in that Davis goes through COVID and into Agenda 2030 and the technocratic plan for top-down control emanating from the shady environs of the World Economic Forum.  It is rather lumpy stuff and, at times, difficult to get through but very worthwhile.  It would appear they want us all in smart cities as far from nature as possible.  I'm not sure I'm down with that. (BOOK)

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The Real Anthony Fauci - Robert F. Kennedy Jr


RFK is a talented lawyer with a flair for holding pharmaceutical companies to account.  His most chilling discovery is the reason that they want to get jabs into kids (liability) and he has been tireless in his efforts.  Anthony "The Science" Fauci on the other hand is a demonic leprechaun with the ethics of a gutter snake who may well have started his crimes a long time ago…(BOOK)

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David Whitehead - The Cult of the Medics

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This is a very accessible and well-put-together 8-episode series that weaves together the occult origins of the pharmaceutical industry.  Whitehead excels at using a diverse range of footage and weaving them into a common sense narrative.  He is also a martial artist, annoyingly good-looking and possessed of a fine beard.  What a total bastard. (VIDEO)

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