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The Delingpod 

The Delingpod got me going and first introduced me to Clif high, for which I will be for ever thankful.  The range of guests is key here.  75% of them are bang on.

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Forum Borealis

This is some serious esoteric shit bringing in JFK, Antarctica, Nazis in Argentina, and all sorts more.  It's in the deep woo and always worth a listen for great subjects and learned guests,

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I do enjoy The God and wish the C of E was a moral organization so listening to 3 semi-awake vicars is always a pleasure for me.  They get more red-pilled each episode.

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School of Higher Thought

A bite size philosophy podcast that helps me with building my knowledge of philosophy and understanding the mind.  He's also a West London boy like me.

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Joe Rogan

I know this is an obvious one but there are some people still unaware.  The McCullough, Malone and Nawaz interviews are world-class and solid entries into the truther world.

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Jocko Podcast

Jocko is not red-pilled but he is awesome.  An ex-Navy-Seals officer and a great resource for mindset and leadership ideas and moves.  It's difficult not to want to be his best mate.


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