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Philosophy, Religion, and the Occult

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Clif High - Just Another Woo Cult

This is an excellent (and funny) look at why the elites think the way that they do presented in Clif's unique style.  The Woo is the repository for all that is hidden from us in the material world by those that seek to control us.  According to Clif it is all going to come out...(VIDEO)

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David Icke - The Dream 

This is an intensely good and deeply mind-bending look at the proposition that we are living in a false reality.  It borrows heavily (and intentionally) from the Gnostic creation story and, if you let it, it will take you on a useful and eye opening journey into the true nature of our "reality".

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The Naked Bible - Georgio Cattaneo


Cattaneo is a bible scholar used by The Vatican so when he opines on what the true meaning of the bible is, we should probably listen.  He proposes that, if we undertake a strict reading of the earlier versions of the bible then we are not reading the word of god, we are reading the history of certain families interacting with alien visitors and overlords. (BOOK)

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Escaping from Eden - Paul Wallis

This is a variation on the themes brought forth by "The Naked Bible".  There is not much to choose between the 2 but it does help to hear the same concepts and themes in 2 different voices. (BOOK)

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Thomas Sheridan - The Lords of Perception

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This is an exceptional and hilarious lecture given by the Irish (so fucking Irish) author Thomas Sheridan.  He gives a general talk on the ways that our controllers co-opted masonic methods meant to maintain balance to control us.  He covers many themes beyond the scope of this piddling explanation.  Watch/listen to this a few times; it is an utter gem. (VIDEO)

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The Laughing Jesus: Religious Lies and Gnostic Wisdom - Tim Freke and Peter Gandy

This is an irreverant primer on the (possibly) true nature of Christianity (Mainstream and Gnostic), Judaism, and Islam.  I find religion deeply confusing and am constantly putting new information into my world view.  This book added lots of colour and answered a lot of questions. (BOOK)

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Gregory Paul Martin on the Delingpod

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This is an uplifting and fun interview with George Martins's (Beatles Producer) son who is a talented actor and astrologer.  He brings a positive message of victory against the controllers and drops some hilarious stories about Yoko Ono. (PODCAST)

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Antichrist and the Final Solution: The Chronology of the future Finally revealed - Thomas R. Horn

This is dark, dark stuff and seeks to get us ready to identify the antichrist whenever he turns up.  I have always thought he was already among us but Tony Blair does not seem to be able to get back to the lofty heights he had previously occupied. (BOOK)

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