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The Controllers (THEY)

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Alex Thomson on the Delingpod - James Delingpole

This is required listening for anyone who wants to understand the true nature of the evil which seeks to enslave us.  Thomson, Cambridge-educated, erudite, and the possessor of cut glass vowels talks about the Luciferian agenda like he is discussing the Chelsea Flower Show on Radio 4 but this makes it all the more fun and accessible.  An absolute must listen. (PODCAST)

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Alex Thomson - An Infernal Convergence

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This marvelous lecture seeks to explain the main belief systems of the 2 main sects within the cabal.  It is clear, after watching this, who is in the ascendancy at present and also brings up the question as to whether the Q-led battle to save humanity is actually an internecine conflict between cabal power groups.  Whether it is or isn't that, I'm still all for Trump. (VIDEO)

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Alex Thomson - Inventors of Evil Things

Another meisterwerk from Thomson goes into detail as to how the networking of evil in the world works.  It shows us how power is brokered and how the UK is doomed to remain a center for the cabals to settle their disputes. (VIDEO)

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The Committee of 300 - John Coleman


Much like "Tavistock" this is a deeply depressing and matter of fact run through what the controllers have been up to and how they have maintained a hidden hand on the tiller directing world events for as long as we can remember.  It makes bald and sometimes scandalous statements which it is sometimes difficult to process but it is a worthwhile read if only to appreciate the importance of Doctor Evil himself, Henry Kissinger. (BOOK)

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Book - Bloodlines of the Illuminati Volume 1, 2 and 3 - Fritz Springmeier

This trilogy is a matter-of-fact journey through the families who hold sway in the network of evil which controls us.  At the time of writing, they may well be out of date (families fall in and out of favour) but is a functional and worthwhile addition to your library. (BOOK)

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Disciplined Minds: A Critical Look at Salaried Professionals

Jeff Schmidt

This is a dry work but interesting in that it explains a lot of how the professional classes (Doctors/Solicitors/Scientists) all manage to end up holding eerily similar opinions that support the strangest of ideas such as Climate Change and COVID-19. (BOOK)

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VICE - Adam McKay


As well as being hilarious "VICE" is a very relevant look at the way that the Executive Branch in the US regularly ignores the Constitution and does precisely what it wants to do.  It scratches the surface (the Constitution has not been in effect since the late 1800s) but is instructive as to how the US government was captured by Straussian Neo-Cons in the first part of this century. (MOVIE)

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