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Personal Development and Health


ARTHRITIS - The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me

Phil Escott

A ranging and great fun book that narrates the author's journey from good health to the utter despondency of arthritis and a nightmare of inflammatory conditions.  We go with Escott on a march through veganism, exercise, carnivory, spiritualism, and working with EMF dangers.  It is great fun, very instructive, and recommended. (BOOK)

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Mind Hacking Happiness Volume 1 - Sean Webb


This is a very good science-based personal development book focussed on the core function of the brain (self-preservation) and it's main agents (danger signals we call emotions) and how these factors, in modernity, cause us so many problems.  It contains some useful takeaways and exercises which I still use to this day to gain control of my mind when it runs too hot.  There is a Volume 2 which is worth your time. (BOOK)

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The Inside Out Revolution - Michael Neill

There is nothing revolutionary in here but it embeds the idea that we have complete control over what and how we think about our world.  The same material set of events can be experienced in a multitude of ways depending on how we feel about it and how we feel about it, ultimately, is up to us. (BOOK)

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Epi-paleo Rx: The Prescription for Disease Reversal and Optimal Health - Dr. Jack Kruse

This is a fascinating look at carnivory (eating literally only meat) and the health benefits of eating how our ancestors eat.  The human system is not optimized for anything else but meat.  Most other foods are an assault on the system and will leave us weak.  One wonders why the Standard American Diet and Veganism are being pushed on us.  Is it to make us docile and easy to govern? (BOOK)

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The Metabolism Reset Diet - Alan Christianson

This was recommended to me by a Chinese Medicine specialist who believed that a healthy liver was vital to metabolic health.  He was right of course.  I followed it's recommendations to the letter lost a stone in a month,  gained focus, and got rid of brain fog. (BOOK)

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EMF*D - Dr. Joseph Mercola


5G is a go to subject for people wishing to discredit anything to with "conspiracy".  On closer inspection 5G, as it turns out, is a health nightmare that the government is ignoring.  This is a decent and broad look at why 5G is so dangerous to human health and has been allowed in public spaces with zero testing. (BOOK)

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Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever - Clinton Ober

A good example as to how progression in modern life is not all positive and (to me at least) evidence that we are part of the earth and the earth is part of us.  Ober takes us on a journey to rediscovering how a connection to the earth can cure a host of very modern diseases caused by one things, inflammation and a lack of ability to normalise our bodies internal charge. (BOOK)

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The Secret - Dare To Dream - Andy Tennant


Yes, this is VERY much not an awake movie to watch but it did reignite my interest in personal development and the idea that thoughts become things.  However deep one goes down the rabbit hole this does seem to endure as a first principle of personal development. (MOVIE)

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The Red Pill Revolution

Ayres, Hunt, Escott, Norbury, and Gusty

An exceptional primer for anyone who wants to rediscover what it is to self-reliant and sovereign.  It gives multiple, common sense ideas as to how one can unplug from the global vending machine and live a happier and more authentic life. (BOOK)

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Jerry Marzinsky on The Delingpod

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I must admit this was a little terrifying.  Jerry M is a ex-psychiatrist who worked in US state facilities for paranoid schizophrenics.  After some enquiry he found that the voices that people heard in their heads were not self-generated, they were the voices of demons who fed on negative energy.  As concerning as it is interesting. (PODCAST)

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