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Alternative News & Media

UK Column News

UK Column News is the apex of all news sources in my humble opinion.  It is like listening to TV News in the 1980s (proper nouns and well researched) but totally awake (Yes, the world is run by Satanists).  They provide 3 weekly shows of 90 minutes each which go into some detail about current affairs through a deeply effective lense of critical thinking.

The Light Paper

I always look forward to receiving this in the post every month and have advertised in it as well.  Darren Smith is a true hero of the movement and is both a very nice man and a very smart man.  Despite what the BBC tells you this is not a paper produced by extremists.

Screenshot 2022-09-27 at 10.44.31.png

Unity News Network

Always controversial and never dull.  UNN are happy to take contrarian positions and be unpopular if required to get the truth out.   The website is updated regularly and backed up by a lively Telegram Channel.  All power to them!

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