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Geopolitics and Current Affairs

The Trigger - David Icke


David Icke is a marmite character who makes more sense with age simply because most things he predicts come true.  The Trigger takes us through what they said happened on 9/11 and then what probably happened.  It is a thick old book and deeply complicated so it takes commitment but it is worthwhile pressing on.  9/11 has had the world under a spell since that day and it set the pre-conditions for a lot of the nasty shit that has happened since.  It is right that we should know what actually happened. (BOOK)

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Ukraine on Fire - Oliver Stone

There is a reason this film was banned by YouTube.  Multiple reasons actually.  It becomes reasonably clear, on even a cursory inspection, that dark foundation money was used to achieve a regime change in order to retain Ukraine in the western (cabal) sphere of influence.  It is also clear that Russians were poked and poked and poked until their interests were so threatened that they acted in Crimea.  Putin comes across as a thoughtful decision-maker, and the west comes across as meddling regime change-addled conspiracists.  It makes perfect sense in the context of current events. (MOVIE)

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Alex Thomson on the Delingpod on Ukraine

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This episode of the Delingpod was probably meant to be a sequel to the wide ranging discussion they enjoyed in their first chat but, given that the Special Military Operation was popping off at the time, Thomson's considerable knowledge of Eastern European history and politics was brought to bear.  It is as engaging as it is challenging for the mainstream narrative of what is/was happening over there. (PODCAST)

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