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The Human Unleashed

An extremely useful and interesting collection of group discussions on different aspects of physical and mental health from the Red Pill guys.

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The Daily Sceptic

From the pen and the shed of Toby Young (The Spectator).  A well-put-together and vital daily newsletter packed with counter-narrative news stories and analysis.

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The Republic of England

A private society dedicated to building new structures under the state.  Status Correction, Commercial Martial Arts and Alternative Structures.

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Frances Leader

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An exceptional substack written by a career City insider.  Frances spent a career working as a high-level PA in the square miles which gave her a clear insight into the power structures set above our world.  She writes about the relationship between the City of London and the UK (Corporation), how the hierarchy of power works, the complimentary roles of the Black Nobility and the Khazarian banking families and their final goals.  Seriously good stuff and required reading.

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Liz Crokin Report

A worthwhile if rather wretched deep dive into the one subject we don't like to face but must if we are to change the world for the better.

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Prussia Gate

Fascinating theories and superbly researched articles which go into the historical context of our controllers.

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Pepe Lives Matter

Lots of good Q-analysis and current events in the US.  It shows un healthy fascination with frogs.

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