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Video Channels

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X22 Report

X22 provides 2 new episodes every week day and the occasional well-chosen interview.  The 2 episodes cover the political and economic landscapes in the US respectively.  The content concentrates on the alleged "patriot" effort to liberate the United States and the world from the tyranny or the central banks, elites and the evil Democratic Party.

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Clif High

His content is always interesting and he never produces enough.  It is worth watching everything he has ever produced to get yourself up to speed with why the world is how it is. "Shedding Woo" is a deeply depressing but vital place to start.  He tends to group content together into grouping such as "Explorers Guide" and "The Dojo".  He is big on practical solutions and offers many ideas to get yourself ready for what is coming.  His Substack is vital listening if you have a hope of navigating the post-Elohim world.

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Telegram Channels

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The Wake Up

I am pretty shameless when it comes to self-promotion so you should not be surprised that this channel comes before the rest of them.

Eastern Approaches

Well-informed, well moderated, and erudite comment with the occasional blast of folk music, ethnographic and stour religious material.  

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The Light Paper

Well-chosen UK and international news stories from the top draw freedom monthly.

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Unity News Network

Generally controversial and always interesting stuff from David Clews and the Unity News Network team.

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SGT News Network

Some times off-piste but very interesting stories from US-based ex-Army patriots.

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Red Pill Revolution

Group chat for those allied to the Red Pill Revolution.  This is a group where members can submit their own content which does, rightly, get moderated.

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DW Truth Warrior

Epic daily content from the well-bearded Canadian freedom fighter.

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On the money analysis of the situation in Ukraine paying special attention to the Biolabs and threat reduction programs.

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The Conspiracy Hole

Esoteric and plain odd content from where I know not.  I do love it though.

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