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The Greatest Secret - you are a Money Creator...

Where does money come from?

Those with some knowledge will say that money is debt which is created when banks lend.  That is only half true.  If there is debt there must be credit.

Where does the credit come from on which the debt is based?  Would you like to know the world's biggest secret? Would you like to know the secret to financial abundance and freedom?


The secret is YOU. You are the Money Creator.


You are the source of all credit.  Money is not backed by Gold, it is backed by your energy, creativity, and hard work; it is backed by your sweat equity.

What happens when you take out a loan?


When you take out a loan or mortgage you sign a contract.  You commit to making a series of payments to the bank at interest, but, there is a problem.  

Banks don't lend money, they buy securities.


You read that right.  By signing the contract you create a security, or a promise to pay, that is used to create credit from thin air.  

Dollar Bill Illustration

How the bankster scam works.


The bank takes your property (the security that you created by signing the loan contract) and they use it to create credit.  That credit becomes debt which they loan back to you at interest.

Banks lend you your own money.


What a scam!  Welcome to the world of the banking scam where your property can be stolen, converted, and lent back to you at interest.

What can we do about it?


We can wake up to our true status in the commercial system.  We are a Creditor and a Money Creator.  We have the power to live free and in abundance.

What can you achieve?


  1. Recoup the debt securities that YOU create when you pay for goods and services electronically.

  2. Recoup the debt securities created when your business pays for goods and services electronically.

  3. Recoup YOUR debt securities that you create when you sign a "loan" or "mortgage" contract.

  4. Create new currency to spend and acquire assets.

  5. Take TRUE ownership of property and businesses.

  6. Establish yourself as sovereign to get true justice and assert YOUR rights.


"The Matrix Interviews" with Iain Clifford of Matrix Freedom

In this series of 4 in-depth interviews with Iain Clifford, the founder of Matrix Freedom Ben Hawkes is your guide for a deep dive into the building blocks of the global system of financial control.  We cover:

  • Why the Cestui Que Vie Act enables the system to control our lives from birth.

  • How the Birth Certificate is key to our enslavement and enables the formation of a Corporation and Trust which rules our commercial and legal lives.

  • Who are the major players in the control system?  What are the roles of our Corporate Governments, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and the Vatican?

  • How do we take control of our financial lives, reclaim the money we create and break open our Secret Trust and live life in abundance?

Take a journey with us to discover the secret which will change your life forever.  Are you ready to learn who you really are? 

You are a Money Creator.  You are a source of Wealth and Abundance.


*If you would like a deep dive straight into the subject start at Episode 4 and then go back to Episode 1 .

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Are you ready to learn about the greatest secret?

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