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Emergency Wake Up Kit

Are you having a bit of a moment?  Have you come to the conclusion that the world is a little bit messed up?  Do you have a burning desire to answer the question: "Just what the fuck has been going on all this time?"  Do not worry; this situation is exactly what the "Emergency Wake Up Kit" has been designed for.  Strap yourself in, buckle up buttercup; you are about to get dunked in the cold water of truth.  This is the time of the Red Pill.  Take a deep breath, nothing will ever be the same again.  That is a good thing.


The Red Pill Revolution - Ayres, Hunt, Escott, Norbury and Gusty

An exceptional primer for anyone who wants to rediscover what it is to be self-reliant and sovereign.  It gives multiple, common sense ideas as to how one can unplug from the global vending machine and live a happier and more authentic life. (BOOK)

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Pseudopandemic: New Normal Technocracy

Iain Davis

I found this book chilling in that Davis goes through COVID and into Agenda 2030 and the technocratic plan for top-down control emanating from the shady environs of the World Economic Forum.  It is rather lumpy stuff and, at times, difficult to get through but very worthwhile.  It would appear they want us all in smart cities as far from nature as possible.  I'm not sure I'm down with that. (BOOK)

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A Conspiracy So Monstrous - Colin Muskett

This was one of the very first books I read in this space and it hit me like a freight train.  It brings together many disparate themes into a good, strong cohesive whole.  Its basic premise is that we have been lied to.  The world is not what we think it is. (BOOK)

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The Fall of the Cabal - Ossebaard & Koeter

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This series of 10 long-form videos goes straight for the jugular from the very beginning.  If you are new to this world it is an excellent and worthwhile investment of your time and the ending is VERY positive. (VIDEO)

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Commercial Martial Arts: Taking Off The Cloak Of The Illuminati Matrix - Ed Rychkun

This is an EXCELLENT deep dive into the true nature of commerce and finance.  It takes the form of a conversation between friends, one of them well versed in the ways of the (commercial) world and one of them a disbelieving newbie.  It is highly recommended. (BOOK)

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Alex Thomson on The Delingpod

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This is required listening for anyone who wants to understand the true nature of the evil which seeks to enslave us.  Thomson, Cambridge-educated, erudite, and the possessor of cut glass vowels talks about the Luciferian agenda like he is discussing the Chelsea Flower Show on Radio 4 but this makes it all the more fun and accessible.  An absolute must listen. (PODCAST)

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Alex Thomson - An Infernal Convergence

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This marvelous lecture seeks to explain the main belief systems of the 2 main sects within the cabal.  It is clear, after watching this, who is in the ascendancy at present and also brings up the question as to whether the Q-led battle to save humanity is actually an internecine conflict between cabal power groups.  Whether it is or isn't that, I'm still all for Trump. (VIDEO)

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The Falsification of History: Our Distorted Reality

John Hamer

History is written by the victor.  That generally holds but the people who hold power over us tend to fund both sides of every conflict of modern times.  It gives us some gateway gems such as the true story of the Lusitania (Churchill did it), the Titanic (insurance scam with links to the emergence of the Federal Reserve), and how the Germans got a lot of their war chest from the Prescott Bush. Yes, THAT Bush. (BOOK)

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Stolen History - Lifting the Veil of Deception

Most will have to hold on to their hats for this series of videos which presents the hypothesis that the World Fairs of the 1850s onwards were designed to allow a great reset (sound familiar?) from a society of abundance, free energy, and beautiful architecture to a world of lack where the controllers…controlled everything.  It is a fascinating proposition that poses difficult-to-answer questions which will leave you flummoxed.  (VIDEO)

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