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Matrix of Power - Jordan Maxwell

This is quick and, at times, a rather disorientating read which nonetheless, is worth your time.  Maxwell's father worked at the fringe of secret societies and left his son with a strong knowledge symbols and their importance in the religion of the elites.

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Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars - Anonymous


The story goes that this book was found stuffed into the feeder tray of a photocopier at a US defence contractor.  It purports to be a training manual of sorts for new initiates and makes for chilling reading.      It shows a remarkable disregard for the well being of the cattle class (that's you and me) and a galling sense of entitlement in those who seek to rule us. 

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Shadowland: From Jeffrey Epstein to the Clintons  Thomas R. Horn

I was a few chapters into this and had to remind myself it was non-fiction.  The main thrust of the first part is that Barack Obama is not who we think he is.  I'm not talking just about the birth certificate; I'm talking about the entire ethical make up of the man.  This is searing stuff and well worth it.

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The Illuminati: The Secret Society That Hijacked the World - Jim Marrs

A worthwhile and broad overview of the illuminati (Bauer et al) and how freemasonry founded and then wove itself into the fabric of the USA.  As ever, suspend disbelief and use your critical thinking to decide for yourself what is true and what is false. 

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The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy - Jim Marrs

A rather prescient book that pretty much nails everything that has happened to us since 2020.  The material will not be startling but it does a sound job of bringing together a range of themes.

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A Conspiracy So Monstrous - Colin Muskett

This was one of the very first books I read in this space and it hit me like a freight train.  It brings together many disperate themes into a good, strong cohesive whole.

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The Rise of the Fourth Reich - Jim Marrs

This covers similar ground to the Prussia Gate Substack where the Nazi's never really went away and instead converted themselves into a corporate web and built supranational organisation such as the EU and the WEF.  It's compelling idea and does explain Klaus Schwab; the prick.

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None Dare Call It a Conspiracy - Gary Allen

A solid example of the genre and similar is scope to "A Conspiracy.." by Muskett.  It is certainly worth reading both or either.

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The Fall of the Cabal - Ossebaard & Koeter

This series of 10 long-form videos goes straight for the jugular from the very beginning.  If you are new to this world it is an excellent and worthwhile investment of your time and the ending is VERY positive.

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