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The Warning Signals You Need To Ignore

Every organ in the body has a purpose. The lungs extract oxygen the heart pumps blood and the brain...the brain is meant to do what exactly? Your brain is a self-preservation machine. It's job is to keep you alive. But what happens when the actual threats to life and limb are few. What does the brain do? It causes havoc, that's what it does.

The brain is hardwired to keep you alive. It's like a smoke detector. Its job is to sound the alarm when there is danger. But sometimes the smoke detector goes off when there isn't any fire. That's because the brain is an imperfect machine. And it runs on ego, fear, and self.

So how does it sound the alarm? We all know when something is going wrong in the kitchen. The smoke detector starts doing its thing and wakes up the baby. But how does the brain tell you something is going down? Emotion. It uses emotion.

The problem is that the brain can't always tell the difference between a real threat and an imagined one. That's why you sometimes feel like you're in danger when you're not. The key is to learn to recognize the warning signs and ignore them.

Why would you ignore the working of your self-preservation nexus? How can you be expected to stay alive in a harsh world if you are not paying attention to the alarm panel?

If you don't learn to ignore it, you can't expect to live a full life if you're constantly running from your fears. So the next time you feel the urge to hide under the covers, take a deep breath and ask yourself if there's really anything to be afraid of.

Chances are, there isn't.

Your thoughts are liars. Your emotions are pointing you towards danger that isn't there.

We practice Cognitive Change Therapy. We use a variety of techniques to help people master their brains, master their emotions, and master their minds.

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