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Go Neutral, Master Mind

The Human Brain has one job, to keep you alive. It does this by sending you constant signals telegraphing potential dangers so you can react if required. These signals are called emotions.

It's difficult to hear but if we follow this thread to its logical conclusion we conclude that emotions are genetic throwbacks to a time when death by sabre tooth tiger was a genuine possibility.

This leaves us in a rather monochrome place devoid of heart but it is a decent starting point on a journey into the possibilities presented to us by the mastery of our emotions. We certainly do not want to live without them but we do not want to become a slave to them. Understanding what emotions are and then moving to a position where we can control them opens up a whole interesting array of possibilities.

There is a reason that people like Elon Musk can manage running 2 businesses (Tesla and SpaceX) while simultaneously buying/destroying another (Twitter). The man possesses next-level mind mastery skills. No doubt he feels fear, but he learns to control it so he does not become beholden to those feelings.

That this is important stands to reason. We do not want to make decisions based on emotion. We want to make them strategically and intuitively, based on the best information we have.

We teach people how to manage their mind at times of great stress. In the same way that the military teaches standard operating procedures which are served up when required, we teach the drill of "Step Out of Mind, Observe Mind, Go Neutral". It takes practice and lots of it. Practice makes permanent. Once learned it will never go away and it will service you well.

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