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Ghost in the Shell

I'm not a fan of the news. It usually consists of someone trying to sell you something and is best avoided. Some elements of it I do enjoy, especially the endless theatre of politics. As long as you don't take it seriously, it can be quite good fun. Of the cardinal crimes, a politician can commit my favourite is "The U-Turn". The language around it is incendiary. "The U-Turn" comes in 2 forms. It can be "Screeching" or "Wrenching". It is never a calm 3 pointer. It must be executed in one extreme motion guaranteed to cause a conniption fit in anyone witnessing the act.

We civilians have a different term for "The U-Turn". We call it "Changing Your Mind" and we do it a lot, or at least we should do. When the facts change, an opinion changes. It makes sense but yet politicians have such huge problems with it.

They have these problems because they go through, in public, the internal battle we go through when our belief systems are challenged. Theirs are codified for the world to see. In a Manifesto on which they fight an election. Our belief systems are built up over time, quietly and gradually, until we see the world a certain way. We are sure of it. And we are sure that it is self-constructed. But is it? Have we constructed our belief system, brick by brick through patient study and observation? Or has it been "gifted" to us?

We call this assimilated set of values and viewpoints the "shell identity". It is whom we think we are. It is the set of opinions, behaviours, and values that we have taken on, without question, from our parents, our peers, and society at large. It is what we think normal is. And it isn't always helpful.

The "real" us is buried beneath the shell identity. It is who we truly are, or were, before the world got its grubby mitts on us and forced us into a box. It is our higher self and it is often in sharp contrast to the shell identity.

The "real" us is often more creative, more expressive, more intuitive, and more empathetic than the shell identity would have us believe. We are often more capable than the shell identity would have us believe. But we don't always get to express these aspects of ourselves. The shell identity has a vice-like grip on how we see ourselves and the world around us.

The good news is that it is possible to change your mind, or at least to become aware of the possibility. It is possible to see through the illusions that the shell identity has created. It is possible to step out of the box and into a more expansive way of being.

We are blessed to be the only mammals who can think about thinking. As you go about your business today try and catch your thoughts before you act on them. If a judgement or expression of a core belief comes into your head unbidden stop it in its tracks and take a good long look at it. If it no longer works for you, get rid of it, kick it out. You'll be surprised at how many of them no longer work for you. And how many of them were not yours in the first place.

We call this "going clear". It drives creativity, innovation, high performance and co-creative working. If that could help you, get in touch or check out

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